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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Difference Between MegaBytes and Megabits

Difference Between Mbps & MBps
Most common issue with Internet users among the world is about their package plan speed. They often being seen complaining regarding their Internet package plan that they are paying handsome money but speed isn't what service provider promised. Lots of internet users do not know the different between File Storage and File Transfer Rate due to which lots of confusions occur. We have to understand and should know the difference between Speed and Storage. If we can get it properly then mostly things will work well for both users and service providers. This article post is for everyone's information and increasing their knowledge about some basics of Internet Speed.

User/Customer Thinking:

We often make mistakes while installing or ordering Internet Service, let's suppose a person namely Mr.SAMEER orders 1Mbps package plan from Internet Service Provide with volume limit 15 GB/Month. And SAMEER thinks that he will get download speed of 1MB/second and thinks that he will download a 1GB (GigaBytes) file within 17 Minutes.

Which is totally false thinking because SAMEER is mixing up Storage with Speed. Internet Service Provider always commit to give you Kbps or Mbps not KB/s or MB/s.

Valuable Information:

We should know this;
Kbps stands for Kilo bit per second
Mbps stands for Mega bit per second
while at other hand;
MB/s stands for Mega byte per second
KB/s stand for Kilo byte per second

What Actual Fact is?

Now remember, Bit always stands for Speed in computing language and Byte is a Size/Storage.
If SAMEER is buying 1Mbps connection then he will get download speed at rate 125KB/s.
Mb to KB Conversion
Mb to KB Conversion
Now when SAMEER tries to download 1 GB file with his 1 Mbps package then:
1 GB = 1024 MB = 1048576 KB / 125 KB/s = 8389 Seconds / 60 Seconds = 140 Minutes
1 GB file requires 2 hours 20 minutes to be downloaded with 1 Mbps.

Future Suggestions:

Now you're looking for a connection to get 1 MB/s downloading speed then you must order 8 Mbps package which will allow you to download file with rate 1 MB/s.

Mb to KB Conversion
Megabit to Megabyte Conversion


If you're getting confuse in conversion process of above statements then simply make one thing in your mind that a Megabit (Mb) is always 1/8 of a Megabyte (MB).

That's all for this post and I hope everyone on this post/blog understood the fact of Speed and Storage. If I made any mistake so you can correct me by leaving your comments below.

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