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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Blur or Censor Face in Photo via Photoshop

How to Blur/Censor Face in Photo using Adobe Photoshop
Well we all love to edit Photos either with some professional way or hobbies to do this. This article is another part of Photoshop Tips Series, as there are few more posts about basic tips of Photoshop in this Web Blog. In my recent previous post I have to instructed regarding Blurring or Censoring Entire image at once which means, the entire pixels of your Image, Photo, Picture will be converted to Censor Mode or you can call it Blur mode. So now this is onward post of previous one and quite similar one. This article will let you to Blur the face of person's Photo. Which means, you can now Censor your own face in Photos.

This Tutorial was performed in Adobe Photoshop CC, and the same method will work for most versions of Photoshop so this Program is required to perform this video tutorial regarding censoring images. I am showing in my this post, Censoring Football Star Cristiano Ronaldo face. This tutorial is also useful for quiz kind of fun, start making blur of your mates images and then ask them to identify but the purpose doesn't only remain here and you can use this procedure on professional way. Now, I think it's right time to be here and start following instructions to learn it your self freely without any trouble.

Step-by-Step Procedure:

  1. Open your Picture in "ADOBE PHOTOSHOP".
  2. Right Click on Rectangular Marquee Tool from Left Side Tool Panel then Click on "ELLIPTICAL MARQUEE TOOL".
  3. Now use Left Mouse Click to "DRAW CIRCLE" over face.
  4. Go to "FILTER>>BLUR>>BOX BLUR" by Top Menu Bar.
  5. Box Blur small window will be open, increase or decrease "RADIUS PIXELS" by yourself.
  6. Finally Hit "OK" button and you can use "CTRL + S" to save changes.
You're done here, but if any thing goes wrong simply watch below Video Tutorial to find issue.

YouTube Video Tutorial:

DailyMotion Video Tutorial:

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