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Monday, November 9, 2015

Block Internet Access for any Program/Application

How to block Internet Access of Application/Program with Windows Firewall?
Actually we all know that Firewall is a program which will let a program or application to access internet connection as well as block the access of internet. Everyone probably know that how to allow a program in Windows Firewall but might never know how to block. So that's why I have made this post to help those visitors who doesn't know how to block a Windows Program or Application via Firewall to block it's connection with internet which means program will no more connect with internet. Blocking Application or Program will cut the bonding with internet only with those programs not for entire PC/Laptop because many people doesn't want to connect all their programs with internet and this article is perfect for them to learn.

And also many of us doesn't want to update a program or software to latest one as per choices but application always ask you to update it and this video will tell you how to block it. But remember one thing that you never make mistake of adding a program / application to block list of firewall like Internet Download Managers/ Web Browsers or etc otherwise you can't download files or not visit any website.

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

  1. Go to "CONTROL PANEL" by Clicking on Start Menu.
  2. Choose "ALL CONTROL PANEL ITEMS" from top bar.
  3. Click on "WINDOWS FIREWALL".
  4. Now click on "ADVANCED SETTINGS" from left side panel.
  5. Choose "OUTBOUND RULES" from left panel.
  6. Hit "NEW RULE" from right side panel.
  7. Choose radio button to "PROGRAM" hit "NEXT" button.
  8. Click on "BROWSE" button from 'This program path:'.
  9. Go and find your program and choose ".EXE" file of that program then Hit "NEXT" button to proceed next step. (i.e Vconverter.exe)
  10. Now choose "BLOCK THIS CONNECTION" radio button and Click "NEXT".
  11. Check All Three Profiles, "DOMAIN/PRIVATE/PUBLIC" and hit "NEXT".
  12. Type a "NAME" for this application block then finally click "FINISH".
If you are facing any kind of trouble with above instructions then simply follow below video Tutorial.

YouTube Video Tutorial:

DailyMotion Video Tutorial:

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