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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Windows 7 Remote Assistance

Windows 7 Remote Assistance Setting
Remote Assistance is a Pre-installed Windows feature which includes with Windows XP, Windows 7/8 etc. It allow users to connect to a PC or to ask someone who connect with your PC to resolve your issues. Assistance stand for help while Remote means controlling device from far distance. Basically, Remote Assistance will allow 2 PCs connection with each other. It is most powerful and easiest method to build connection between 2 far distances PCs, means if you're in USA and your Laptop/PC having some software issue but you aren't so expert to resolve it but you know your friend is good in this business to resolve it for sure but who is in UK, so this feature will be reliable for it and you don't need any external software or application for Remote connectivity.

I have already shared a post entitled "Access and Control Another PC by Remote Desktop Connection" and it is also Windows 7 own pre-installed feature which is also Good but this procedure is far better and less chances to having issue to connect another's PC. One another advantage of this method is, client will also view whatever you're doing with his PC and he will be satisfied and it also allow chatting feature, access you can chat with client during Remote Assistance Connection. There are 2 main feature of this application or program, View Only and Taking Control. View Only allows to look the client Desktop Live while Take Control with give you complete command to use PC from your home with your own Keyboard and Mouse. So get ready and follow the below instructions carefully.

How to Create Remote Assistance Invitation?

  1. Goto "Control Panel" by hitting Start Menu.
  2. Select "System and Security" or "All Control Panel Items".
  3. Now Click on "Troubleshoot common computer problems" or "Troubleshooting".
  4. Click on "Get help from a friend" which locates left side in Troubleshooting window,
  5. Click on "Invite someone to help you" in Remote Assistance window.
  6. Select "Save this invitation as a file" and save it to anywhere in your PC.
  7. Now it will show you a Password, save it. Send saved invitation file along with Password to those who want to help you by Email or Facebook etc.
    (See below Windows Remote Assistance saying "Waiting for incoming connection")

How to Open Remote Assistance Invitation file?

There are two ways, 1st just double click on invitation file and insert desired password, 2nd follow below steps:
  1. Follow above Step 1 to 4.
  2. Then click on "Offer Remote Assistance to help someone" bottom of Remote Assistance window.
  3. Now click on "Use an invitation file".
  4. Find and locate your invitation file and hit "Open" button.
  5. Enter the Password or paste it.
  6. After approving, click on "Take Control" to get complete access.

Video Tutorial:

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