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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quickly Split Files into Parts with WinRar

Split Large Files into Parts with Winrar
WinRar can easily split files into parts without any trouble and most of people known about it. It will Split Large and huge files into parts so that you can easily upload them on internet and for those who are unable to download large file at once and there is also another reason for it, many of free upload file hosting site does not support and provide resume option and it will result for loosing large file due to some technical problem from both users and servers hand. So that's why many of the people around the world prefer small files for downloading and either uploading, offcourse if someone will upload then you can download it. Winrar is best encryption software and which allow to protect your files on online servers from malicious and virus attack as it will be Rar format due to which virus cannot enter. But the main reason for sharing this splitting files procedure here is, many of people just simply clicks on their files and then simply split files without changing the compression method resulting which, no only size of file become larger than original and it take so long time to make your sleepy.

So my this tips will assist you to just split files into parts using Winrar rapidly so that it will not take so long time. Remember one thing my this tutorial is not about compression large file into small and please don't compare and mix-up it. Because I'm sharing this method will only make your file into splits with original size quickly. Which means if you are compression 2 GB file into parts to the total size of all parts will be exactly 2 GB not lower and bigger.

Tool Required:

Download and Install WinRar Software if you don't have.


So let's begin the Tutorial and start splitting files into parts,
  1. After installing WinRar, just "Right Click" on File which you want to split.
  2. Select "Add to Archive" which will open a pop-up window.
  3. Rename your file or remain as it is. (Do add .rar at the end of file)
  4. Choose Archive Format "RAR".
  5. Select "Store" in Compression Method.
  6. In Split to volumes box, type the size of Part i.e (100M for 100 MB)
    (Never insert larger number than your original file)
  7. You have an Optional by checking "SFX" archive which is only for .EXE files.
    (But I don't recommend this option, please remain it as uncheck)
  8. Now Click on "OK" to start Compression and wait to finish.
    (If you want to change the destination of compressed file then your can select it from 3 point while clicking on "Browse" button.

How to Extract or De-compress split files?

It has to be ensure that you have all split parts, any of missing part will not allow you to extract them, let's do it.
  • "Right Click" on any of parts. i.e part1 or part2
  • Clicking on "Extract Files" will ask you for a destination location.
  • Clicking on "Extract Here" will extract files on the same folder or directory where source it.
  • Clicking on "Extract to Filename" will extract files into the filename folder at same location.

Video Tutorial:

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