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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tips for using Strong Password

Tips for Using Strong Password
I am going to share the most important issue of internet and internet users. This is modern Era and technology is getting better on daily basis as well as security risks is also increasing very high simultaneously around the internet World. As we all know that hackers are too cautious and very smart in their business and many of Email accounts been hacked regularly. Many peoples lost their Bank Account because of hackers who then left account to 0. Many of such cases are on our face but people can do any thing about it. To tell you what one of the basic reason for being hacked by hackers is less security preventives. General people do not adopt all precautionary while using online business through their Bank Accounts, Credit Cards or Emailing, which results them to lost their valuable account. This topic is not only for those, to protect their Email accounts only but their most precious Bank account or any other Online data can be saved after reading this post.

We all must remember this that nothing will be 100% secured and no-one guaranteed to be not hacked 100% but I will surely say, the chances for being hacked will be very, very less and difficult to hack your account once you understand the reason. The main this is password for your account, once you will assign strong and very strong password then it will not be hacked easily.

Why my Account Hacked Easily?

Because of following reasons:
  1. Used numbers only.
  2. Used alphabet only.
  3. Used combination with Display Name.
  4. Used your own Date of Birth.
  5. Used your last name.
  6. Used less characters.
  7. ETC.
    Tips for Using Strong PasswordTips for Using Strong PasswordThe above reasons are very few and user mostly do this mistakes while typing a password of their account.

    Precautionary Measures!

    • Never use same password for different websites.
    • Never sign-in using unverified plug-ins.
    • Avoid using own name for password.
    • Avoid using telephone number as password.
    • Avoid using last and family name as password.
    • Avoid for using same password in untrusted websites.

      How to Use Very Strong Password?

      Now, here you will learn about assigning strongest password so that chances will get less for being hacked. The password Complexity or Strength must be Strong or Very Strong to be protected.
      I personally recommend you to use 14 characters minimum but 8 is also OK.

      Password Must Contains:
      • Alphabets
      • Numbers
      • Symbols (Special Characters)
      • At least one Capital Alphabet
      As we saw and noticed that once Capital letter is compulsory for Yahoo password, which indicates to be strong password. Let suppose a user using "$martBoy444" as password for his Gmail account and he/she is now using Facebook, Twitter and other social network with same Gmail account and even same password is associated with all Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, which is totally Risky step, it must be different to secure their Email account.

      See the examples:
      Tips for Using Strong Password
      Tips for Using Strong Password

      See the different between above and below screen, only one alphabet with caps change huge different in password complexity.
      Tips for Using Strong Password

      Feedback and Support!

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