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Monday, August 26, 2013

Take Screenshot of Game or Record Video

How to take Snapshot of Game
This tutorial is being published for the users who want to take and capture screenshots of their games, most probably Cricket 2007 game because few of the users asked me that how could they capture and save screenshot of the Game while they are playing. This capturing called Real-time screen capture. I’m sharing the way how could people easily capture screenshots of their Video game while playing. Users may be able to save Full HD High Quality pictures of their Game. My this tutorial not only guide you how to take snaps of Game while you will also be able to record Games as movie and publish the Video to Youtube and similar websites. Fraps is a premium software but you can still use it as Free user.
There are lots of software available in internet for capturing and recording of Games but the most famous and easy Game’s Screen Capturer and Recorder is known as “FRAPS”. Time to tell you how to download and use this software for recording Game and taking snapshots.

Download & Install Software:

Visit the Official Website of Product “FRAPS” and move to Download Section and start downloading this software, when it finishes Run setup to install this program to your PC and Start Fraps Application. (Windows Vista/7/8 Users must ‘Run as Administrator’).

How to Take Screenshots

Taking Screenshot of Game

Important things to understand and keep in your mind:

  1. Folder to save screenshots in is a location where you can save snaps, by clicking “Change” blue button to select another directory and “View” will jump to the location where screenshots are being saved.
  2. Screen Capture Hotkey is Key defined by Keyboard, by Press this Key once screenshot will be automatically save on the preferred directory. By default Key is “F10” you may change it anytime by clicking over it and “Repress” any key from Keyboard.
  3. Screen Capture Settings, by Checking “Include frame rate overly on screenshots” will add a overlay on each image like “FPS 99”, while Checking “Repeat screen capture every __ seconds” will restrict saving images until the prescribed seconds passed even pressing the Hotkey.
  4. Image Format, can save your images as the provided formats like, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, although JPG will be smaller in size with Good Quality also.
After knowing the necessary things, now Just Start “Fraps” and minimize it and Start your Game. (Always start first Fraps then Game). While playing game if want to take Screenshot just press “F10” key from keyboard to save images.

How to Record Games

Recording Game Movies

Necessary things to know and remember in mind:

  1. Folder to save movies in is a location where your video will be saved, by clicking “Change” blue button to select another directory and “View” will jump to the location where videos/movies are being saved.
  2. Video Capture Hotkey is a key which will start recording by the pressing it, Default key is “F9” which can be replaced by any key through clicking on it and “repressing” another key from keypad".
  3. Sound Capture Settings enables you to either record game’s sound or your own voice, by checking “Record Win7 Sound” will record Games audio and enabling “Record external input” while record your voice through Microphone (if any), selecting both feature will record Your voice and Game Sounds too. Remain “Stereo” selected for better sound.
  4. Video Capture Settings, 3 predefined frame rates setting are available but still have choice to redefine own frame rate, but ”30 fps” is enough to record any game.
  5. Hide mouse cursor in video, by checking it will hide mouse cursor during recording and will show if not checked.
  6. Lock framerate while recording, enabling this will simple restrict recording as same framerate as defined.
  7. Force lossless RGB capture (may be slower), it’s for RGB colors which are too old but avoid for checking this option.
Simply first Start “Fraps” then open your Game and start playing, if ready for recording just press “F9” key to start recording and pressing again will stop it.

Feedback and Support!

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