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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Best Free Antivirus for Windows

Best Free Antivirus for Windows
Anti virus is a required application to protection your computer from malwares and Trojans. It is one of the necessary tool for internet users/surfers to use Anti Virus to protect their Windows including files and important programs stored in Operating System. Virus is very common for internet users because, many of the websites contain viruses to harm your PC and which causes slow your System. Protection is basis step to be adopted. In my point of view, Windows is necessary for PC and Anti Virus is compulsory for Windows to protect it from unwanted and harmful Trojans and Malwares. It is my practice to install Anti Virus right after installation of Fresh Windows, then I step up with other software. AVG gives real time protection and blocked immediately viruses without effecting your PC. If and when any threats be identify, it will notify and ask for an action to do with it and Risk level will be placed too.

I want to tell you that there are lots of Anti Virus software and programs in the internet few are Premium which requires to buy and lots of Free tools are also available. The best and fresh Anti Virus software in my opinion is “AVG”, don’t think that I’m promoting them and they are paying me. No and Not at all, I am not operating any referral program with “AVG”. I need to guide you in right way so I am doing here. “AVG” is the best internet security program which are providing Premium and Free Edition service. People may have buy the software but you can use this tool as free. I have personally tested and using it since 2007 and it is amazing. If you have enough money and decided to buy Anti Virus Software then I’ll recommend to buy “Kaspersky Anti Virus” because it is word’s No.1.

People who wants Free Anti Virus should go with AVG Free Edition and it will update time to time as and when any new Virus definition been updated to their server. AVG provides best protection while surfing internet, connecting External Hard Drive and Flash USB Drive.

AVG Anti Virus Overview:

Free Antivus Software Protection Tool

Five main features:
  1. Computer
  2. Web Browsing
  3. Identity
  4. Emails
  5. Firewall

#Computer, AntiVirus protects your computer from viruses, spyware, worms and trojans.

#Web Browsing, protects you from web-based attacks while you search or surf the Internet. It also checks network traffic for possible threats.

#Identity Protection, offers proactive identity-theft protection and privacy-related security.

#Emails, Email Protection sans incoming and outgoing emails and filters spam.

#Firewall, enforces an across control policy between your computer and the network by blocking/permitting traffic.
It will update automatically as and when any updates available. It has also Scan Now feature to Quick Scan your Computer or Single Driver or Particular area or schedule a Scan.

Note: The above image is from AVG Internet Security 2013 with registered version.

Where to Download?

Just Visit “AVG Official Website” and download Free Edition from there and Install it to your PC with pre-listed keys which will automatically insert during installation process.

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  1. Antivirus are a must for any network or internet connected computer, to detect, remove and prevent all sort of malicious software !

    get rid of Security Shield

  2. Thanks for the interesting article. I can recommend you also use
    There is a lot of free stuff how to protect your PC and remove harmful hack programs from our PC. Try some and make your own decision how to save our individual Data.


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