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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Find Windows Installation Date and Time

Find, when you installed your OS?
Here I am going to share you a little information that how could you check your Windows installation date. Many of users are curious to know that when the last time they installed their Windows and will compare it's performance to find out how long time their OS spent. It is not big deal to know this basic information but many of the people don't know how could they approach to the setting where they can see this option. Usually Windows XP doesn't work for long time due to less security or cannot handle trojan and virus attacks but at the other hand Windows 7 or Windows 8 are really awesome in this manner, there are lots of security feature that protect the Windows and take up the life of OS, even does not have Antivirus. But in this era, the internet is very common and their are lots of Fake things that warm the OS so it's required to use an Antivirus Software. I personally used Windows 7 and 8 both are good in their way with fully protected system.

So now I'm sharing you the way to know your Windows Installation Date with Time, remember that i'm showing the steps using Windows 8 OS but the same procedure applies for each Windows like, XP/7/Vista/Server etc.

Getting Started Tutorial:

Step 1:
Click on Start button using your Keyboard or Left Click on Start Menu using Mouse as shown on below image.
Find Windows Installation Date and Time

Step 2:
Type CMD using your keyboard and press Enter button from keyboard to start Command Prompt.
Find Windows Installation Date and Time

Step 3:
Type Systeminfo inside Command Prompt box and Press Enter key as shown in below image to view complete information.
If you want to check only Windows Installation Date then just type systeminfo | find /i "install date" and press Enter key to view only Original Install Date with Time.
Find Windows Installation Date and Time

Step 4:
Scroll Up and see the Installation Date of your Windows right after Original Install Date:. And also see the System Boot Time right after it.
Find Windows Installation Date and Time

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