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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Burn CD/DVD Image Using Ultra ISO Software

Burn CD / DVD Image using Ultra ISO Software
We are in 21st Century and in this new Era things are being changed quickly like rocket. Technologies is improving in everyday. In past years, we used CD Disc for media or files as well as floppy diskette, after this DVD drives come in replace, then we had blue rays and it's going far day by day. This tutorial is something about relating CD/DVD Disks. Because, as we all know that CD or DVD disks get corrupted after several use, due to scratches so people lost their data which might be precious for them. Keeping data on CD/DVD is secure method because Virus can't attack on CD/DVD files as it no more writable while at the other hand USB is good for data  but virus can attack them any time. So there is a method to secure your CD/DVD to avoid virus attacks. It's Burning or Creating Image for your Disk. Basically, it has been introduced for Games, as they required Disk to Run Game, so different Image Burning Software were introduced. There is, Alcohol 120%, Daemon Tools & UltraISO for storing Disk as Image. The benefit of burning your Disk's image is, you don't need that CD/DVD anymore because a virtual Rom will be added on "My Computer" to Mount that burned image. And you can burn that image to Blank Disks any time without any worries. And your data will be secured in your own PC in a shape of Image file, which means virus cannot infect them.

I am going to show how this process work, as I have chosen UltraISO as it is very easy to use without any trouble and it is very light software and best known product. So Tutorial is being performed with Ultra ISO. If you haven't UltraISO then just download and Install it first then follow below Tutorial.

Where to Get UltraISO?

UltraISO is product of EZB Systems, Click Here to download from officials.

UltraISO Image

Follow Below Steps:

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 1

Step-1: Insert a CD/DVD in Rom and go to "My Computer".

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 2

Step-2: Just right click on your Optical/Rom Drive, Mouse over "UltraISO & Click on "Create CD/DVD image..."

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 3

Step-3: Rename the file whatever you prefer & click on Save button to save the file where you want, I shown at Desktop.

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 4

Step-4: Burning process will be started, you have to wait until it completes.

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 4b

56% Completed. As shown in pic.

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 4c

99% Completed. As shown in pic.

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 5

Step-5: After burning process will finish, then go to "My Computer" and right click on "UltraISO CD Drive", you will find UltraISO-->Mount, Click on Mount.

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 6

Step-6: Select the burned file which you have burnt.

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 7

Step-7: Refresh or F5 in "My Computer".

Creating Image of CD/DVD - Step 8

Step-8: You have done, See the same burned file as shown in pic.

Video Tutorial:

If you still have problem then watch below youtube video tutorial, which will guide you more easily.

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