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Monday, April 16, 2012

Change IP Address of Lan

Change IP Address of LAN / Network Adapter
Change IP Address of Network Lan or Ethernet Adapter Manually. IP stands for Internet Protocol. Anyone who are not using internet and trying to Share local PCs with each others can use this Tutorial to assign IPs on every system. Basically this will help you to build a small Network Setup without need of Internet Connection. PCs will be shared with each others without requiring Internet Connection, files and data can be transferred easily to the connected PCs. It will also work for those who do don't know how to change the IP address of their Network Lan because few of Internet Administers are using Manual IP system for providing Internet to the local area people. So it's easy to learn and change IP address accordingly. Built small Network among many of Systems which requires, Network Switch, HUB or a Router, because an external Switch is necessary to built sharing between more than 2 PCs. User have to assign different IP to each system.
For Example: First PC has assigned with
then Second PC has to be and then positively to each system accordingly.

I have performed two Tutorials, you may look Photo Tutorial as well as Video.
Follow below Steps and learn about this Tutorial:

Photo Tutorial

Step 1: Use left click on "Network Internet access"
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 2: Use left click on "Open Network and Sharing Center (link)" in "View Available Networks"    
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 3: Use left click on "Change adapter settings (link)" in "Network and Sharing Center"
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 4: Use right click on "Local Area Connection" and then left click on "Properties (menu item)"
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 5: Use left click on "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 6: Use left click on "Properties (push button)"
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 7: Use left click on "Use the following IP address: (radio button)"
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 8: Use left click on "IP address: (editable text)" and type IP address manually i.e.
Change IP Address of Lan

Step 9: Use "Tab" key from keyboard & it will automatically assign "Subnet mask:" i.e and left click on "OK" button.
Change IP Address of Lan

Video Tutorial

If you are still having problem with above photo tutorial then you can watch my below youtube video for much better to learn.. 

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